Difficult People?

Do you find yourself struggling with difficult people?

“He makes me so mad.”
“My boss is difficult.”
“She doesn’t understand me, she doesn’t listen.”
“He’s such a narcissist.”

Maybe your boss is always telling you what to do and doesn’t know how to give constructive feedback.

He makes you so mad that you go home frustrated every night.

There’s the narcissist coworker who you can’t stand to be around.

Do you have a loved one who frustrates you?

Maybe she doesn’t understand you, and says judgmental things and doesn’t give you the support you need.

You feel like you’re surrounded by difficult people who make it hard on you, who zap your energy and affect your mood.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There’s another way to look at these situations that you probably haven’t considered.

You don’t have to feel this way about your work, your colleagues, and the other important people in your life.

What are your thoughts?

What are you thinking?

You may be thinking “I’m thinking my boss is a jerk.”

If only your boss would change, your problem would be solved.

But that requires a lot of hope and wishes.

It’s simply not possible to change people.

And, it’s not in your best interest (or very empowering) to think that the only way you can feel better is if someone else changes.

What’s a more empowering approach?

You can shift your perspective, and feel better, by experimenting with different thoughts about your experience.

You can choose to shift your thoughts for simply this reason — for your own benefit.

This may sound like you’re letting people off the hook for bad behavior, but when you think “my boss is a jerk” this produces feelings like resentment, anger, and frustration for no one else but you!

You’re giving your boss power over you and how you feel. You probably think s/he already has it, and you’ve just given your boss even more!

You’re the first to benefit from any shift in your thoughts.

But this takes practice.

We’ve been taught by society to think that our feelings are caused by other people. How many times have you thought “he hurt my feelings.”

But this just simply isn’t the case.

Take a closer look at the thoughts you have about the people in your life.

You can make minor shifts that produce great rewards, shifts that benefit you and will make an impact on your life.

I want to tell you more about it.

Author: Jamie Cavanaugh

Jamie Cavanaugh is a Certified Life Coach, Educator, Interaction Designer, and Writer.

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