Are You Burned Out?

Do you feel burned out from working too much?

Does your life feel out of balance?

Do you feel exhausted and stressed?

Are you anxious?

Maybe you’re feeling so depleted that it’s affecting your health and sense of wellbeing?

I hear you! 

It didn’t always feel this way, right?

Do you remember when you felt energized by your work?

Remember when you were in school? When you could work twelve hours a day or more and feel completely full of life, energy, vigor, and passion?

Do you miss feeling this way?

Why don’t you feel this energy anymore?

Well here’s the difference:

What is fueling you?

Is it energizing you or is it depleting you?

Most people live in a perpetual state of giving up or in a state of busyness and burnout. This state of “I can’t do this” or “I’m so busy” is exhausting.

Some of our busyness is “busyness for the sake of busyness.”

I”‘m just exhausted” is something you may hear yourself saying a lot.

What is exhausting you?

It’s our brain that exhausts us because we get so tired of listening to all our self-doubt, so tired of listening to the questioning, the constant dreading, the constant worrying.

So you say “I just need a break, it’s too stressful, it’s too hard, it’ too much.”

Living with discomfort

You may have a very low tolerance for any discomfort, any kind of discomfort means stop to your brain.

You may feel you need to go back and be somewhere predictable, somewhere less demanding, and less scary to your brain.

Do you notice that you are constantly working and so busy to the point of crazy, and you don’t produce your best work because your thinking is filled with worry and fear?

You work too many hours, you can’t pay attention when you’re talking to others. You only talk about work. You’re always rushing and stressed and overly concerned about everything that has anything to do with your work.

You miss lots of important things, including sleep because of work. You tend to overeat, overdrink, over-Instagram-ing to feel less stressed.

It’s not the actual amount of work that you have that produces your feelings, but rather the thoughts that provoke stress and ultimately, the burnout.

You’re using work as a way of buffering and not feeling.

You have the sense that if you could get acknowledged for your work or feel valued as a designer that the stress would be relieved, but this never happens because the stress is coming from your brain, not from your work.

What’s the answer?

If the answer is not taking a break and relaxing because you’re so exhausted, and if the answer isn’t completely burning yourself out and stressing and not accomplishing as much as you want to accomplish because you’re driven with fear and stress, what is the answer?

Burnout comes when you’re trying to outrun negative emotion when you’re trying to work hard enough to prevent that negative emotion. 

It comes from trying to trade this moment for a future better moment.

That never ever works.

You cannot outrun your negative emotion, and you cannot run into a future where there is better emotion.

The only thing that changes your emotion is changing the way that you think.

Do you feel burned out and want to get some help? I have the solution.

Author: Jamie Cavanaugh

Jamie Cavanaugh is a Certified Life Coach, Educator, Interaction Designer, and Writer.

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