Feeling Confident Takes Courage

When do you feel most confident?

Think about it.

I bet you feel most confident when you’ve familiar with something. When you’ve done it many times.

The things you feel confident doing, you’ve been doing for years.

Confidence takes practice.

Your confidence grows when you do something over and over.

Finding confidence

You may believe you need to find confidence before doing challenging things. Things like:

  • Starting a new job
  • Changing careers
  • Speaking in public
  • Ending a relationship
  • Becoming an artist

But here’s the secret.

Don’t wait to find confidence.

Courage comes before confidence.

The simple truth is you won’t feel confident when starting something new.

You need to find the courage deep inside of you to do epic things.

What is courage?

Courage is:

  • Trusting yourself
  • Overcoming your fears
  • Expecting failure

Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

You gain confidence by overcoming your fears.

The more challenges you face, the more confident you become.

But first, be courageous — go for it! — feel the fear and do it anyway.

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Author: Jamie Cavanaugh

Jamie Cavanaugh is a Certified Life Coach, Educator, Interaction Designer, and Writer.

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