Do You Want to Change Your Life?

Do you know what you want?

This is a big question I know, and requires serious consideration. But I ask this question because it is at the heart of making changes in your life.

This was the question I had to answer for myself. I realized I needed to get to know myself better in order to answer hard questions.

Questions like these:

Is this how I want to spend the rest of my life? Is what I’m doing now in alignment with my life’s purpose? Am I going down the path that’s right for me? What do I need?

Basically, are you moving in the right direction?

How do you know?

Take a deep breath now. These are overwhelming questions. You may not know how to answer them. You may be avoiding these questions like I did.

For me, avoiding these questions resulted in becoming more and more confused, stressed, tired, resentful, defensive, and angry overall.

I started to stay up too late, overeat, drink too much, and became paralyzed by perfectionism and overwhelm. Yikes!

Do you want to make a difference?

Maybe all you know right now is that you want to to make a change ” to do things differently. To make the next phase of your life meaningful, to make it really count.

You want to show up for your life, be yourself, and make a difference. That’s how I felt too.

Too much of your time in the past was spent working towards goals and visions other people had for you. (Maybe you felt safe because the job only required what you already knew.) But you were never the focus of your own career!

Now you need your creative work to be for yourself in every sense of the word. You need to build something for you. Something where you can grow every day.

How can you make a change? That’s what I asked myself.

What if you chose to do something completely different, something more personal and meaningful to you? What would it be?

To change your future you need to take a big jump, take a leap of faith.

Do you need help?

If any part of this resonates with you, I get it. Up until recently, I felt this way myself. Let’s work together on moving towards what you really need in your life.

Author: Jamie Cavanaugh

Jamie Cavanaugh is a Certified Life Coach, Educator, Interaction Designer, and Writer.

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